Husqvarna FE 350s 2020

Husqvarna FE 350s 2020

21 May, 2020 0 By Moto Magazine CR

Husqvarna FE 350s 2020

Husqvarna FE 350s is possibly one of the best dual sport motorcycles on the market. Significant updates have been made to the Austrian manufacturer's 350cc four-stroke legal dirt bike for 2020. Features the latest generation Husqvarna frame, which is stiffer for better overall handling and straight-line stability. It is the same as FC 350 motocross y FX cross-country.modelos, how is the architecture of the engine and the bodywork. A WP Xplor fork from 48 mm and a WP Xplor damper take care of suspension tasks, whereas Continental TKC tires 80 are mounted on wheels for long life and very quiet driving. To improve road comfort, tire locks are left out, but they are included in the toolkit with the purchase of the bike.


El motor FE 350 it's a real Husqvarna 350cc four-stroke, but it is configured to comply with all EPA regulations and be legal on the street. This may not seem like a big deal., but making a competition engine work well with those requirements is not an easy task.

Mufflers are quiet enough to pass sound tests, but now the motor has to be quieter. One of the things Husqvarna does to achieve that is to put a reed valve in the air box to reduce intake noise.. Other EPA factors include a smaller diameter header pipe with an O2 sensor., a catalytic converter inserted into the middle pipe and an end cap with outlet holes that are approximately the same size as the salt shaker on the kitchen table.


Compared to FC 350 motocrosser o FX 350, FE 350s underpowered, but that doesn't really take away from the fun. What is easily taken for granted is how smooth it is. It starts perfect, runs idle smoothly and has no hesitation when you hit the gas. On the narrowest trails, the gear is decent. This combined with smooth horsepower means minimal clutch use is needed and, at the same time, the engine runs cooler.

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Six-speed gearbox has a super bass bass, a normal second, and is highest from third to sixth gear. Gear 14:48 works well and gives you lots of top speed, making it easy to drive, even on the interstates of 70 mph. Clutch action is smooth and predictable.


FE suspension components 350 are the most current model of the WP Xplor fork from 48 mm and WP Xplor damper with linkage. The FE 350s chassis received all the major updates that were also awarded to motocross and cross-country bikes in 2019.

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The body has also been updated and the ergonomics are specifically designed to offer greater comfort and control.. Contact points have been reduced and, due to the new wiring harness, the seat height is claimed to have been reduced by 10 mm.

The FE 350s feels very light and agile. Its smooth power and smooth, comfortable suspension make it fun on rocks and in tight low-speed sections. While it works very well at low speeds and on the road, There is a point where you can find yourself exhausting the whole trip and still want to go faster.. Fork is easy to adjust and offers external compression adjustments, rebound and preload. Unfortunately, front suspension is simply too mushy in stock for anyone above a novice off-road rider.

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Can somewhat offset the suspension with driving style. Decrease the preload on the shock absorber, thus lowering the rear, It can also help move more weight to the rear of the motorcycle.. On a single fluid track, it's still manageable, but when it comes to heavy brakes or downhill barrels, the front can be difficult to handle.

If you are thinking of buying a FE 350 and you want to drive it more off-road than on the road, i suggest you get some suspension updates and leave the engine alone. It will be very easy to improve the standard suspension. If you think you will improve engine power by changing the exhaust or removing parts here or there, must be carefull. Any changes to the engine or its external parts will require different EFI and ignition mapping. Although it has a maximum power, the engine works excellently as is and, with modifications, could easily roll back.

In general, what the FE 350 lacks high performance, he makes up for it with high enjoyment.

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