BETA 300 RX 2021

BETA 300 RX 2021

29 July, 2020 0 By Moto Magazine CR

BETA 300 RX 2021

Beta, the Italian boutique motorcycle manufacturer known for its enduro motorcycles, dual-sport and observed tests, is moving towards the motocross market with the Beta 300 RX 2021. One would expect this to be just a slightly modified Beta enduro motorcycle., but the new RX has more than that.

1-A two-stroke engine 293 cc feeds the Beta 300 RX 2021. Instead of facing 250 two-stroke beats set, Beta is rethinking unique territory with an open class motocrosser. According to Beta, the engine of the 300 RX “it has been adjusted exclusively for motorcycles in every way”. Like the enduro version of the engine used in the Beta 300 RR, the RX has V-Force rods, an adjustable power valve, two power modes, a six-speed transmission with a Brembo hydraulic clutch and electric start. Un tubo de escape Arrow está ahí para una entrega de potencia específica de MX. Also, unlike enduro 300 RR, RX is premixed lubrication instead of oil injection. Also, Keihin PWK carburettor increases from 2 mm a 38 mm on the RX compared to the RR.

beta rx


2-Beta built a significantly different chassis suitable for the motocross track. The RX not only gets a specific MX frame, but the suspension travel is also longer than on Beta enduro motorcycles. That results in a slightly higher seat height for the RX compared to the RR.. The RX has a KYB closed cartridge fork and a Sachs damper, both with Beta USA configurations, and fully user adjustable. In the back, he 300 RX has a ring of 19 inches with the composite subframe close. Motocross-ready Michelin Starcross rubber is added to the mix. The dry weight is stated to be 219 pounds, but we are not clear on the definition of “dry”.


3-A little strange for a motocross motorcycle, the 2021 Beta 300 RX has a kickstand. It is easily removable, Of course, and Beta provides Acerbis MX support with RX.

4-We take this version of Tim Pilg from Beta USA : "We wanted to build an MX motorcycle that would use many of the features that our off-road racing bikes have, but with more power and a stiffer suspension. The RX model shows how much fun a two-stroke can be. The sound and feel of the bike are unmatched, and I hope that our future owners of the model will appreciate the effort put into the motorcycle. It's really special “.