BMW F 900 XR 2020

BMW F 900 XR 2020

10 March, 2020 0 By Moto Magazine CR

BMW F 900 XR 2020

Forty years ago, BMW invented the genre of ADV with R 80 G / S . Adventures medium segment continues to grow, and BMW has expanded beyond the range with the BMW GS F 900 2020.

A motorcycle adventure style is strongly focused on the street, ready for everything, from travel to travel, along with the ability to advance along a dirt road, if necessary.

1-Long travel suspension and the fully upright ergonomics give the BMW F 900 XR 2020 Adventure identity. Certainly, It looks the part of a motorcycle ADV, as it stands and looks ready to run on a sheet. But nevertheless, rims 17 inch Michelin tires Road 5 GT reveal their true nature: pavement performance. Adventure enthusiasts may be disappointed, but the F 900 XR satisfy the desires of those who want a sports motorcycle travel vertical.

2-895cc parallel twin is brand new and is a torque. Leveraging the power delivery style V-twin through a rod 90 degrees and a firing order 270- / 450 degrees, the F engine delivers a sound satisfying to go with his muscle. The power reaches a maximum of 99 horsepower 8500 rpm, with peak torque 67 ft.-lb. that reveals a 6500 rpm. The torque curve is a smooth arc, with twin producing more than 55 lb-ft of grunt 3000 a 9000 rpm. That means that if XR is running, You can rotate and move the accelerator authoritatively. The engine is as friendly as can be, and it produces more power than F 850 GS and the old power plants F 800 R virtually all rpm.

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3-Standard XR has two power modes, Ride with a XR Pro Modes. If not released to Ride Pro Modes, will not have access to sporting Dynamic mode and Dynamic Pro. Ride Modes Pro also comes with enhanced ABS and traction control, mitigating lifting of the rear wheel and dynamic control of the engine brake (prevents noise during braking throttle). Standard modes rain and road are well and provide essential ABS and traction control. Even so, want the most aggressive dynamic mode and customizable mode Dynamic Pro, plus all the other electronic enhancements that come with it.

4- Dynamic mode has a good name, since the response of the accelerator is insistent, but still soft. The XR accelerates with authority and misrepresents its sporty side. Electronic aids are less intrusive, while not annoying in other ways. A flowing through the curves in the dynamic mode, It is more likely to hit the rev limiter, although the vibration of the engine is always there to indicate a change ascending. Dynamic mode behaves so well that you can use on the open road, giving you the power and responsiveness needed to pass another vehicle at any time.


5- Customization is the purpose of Dynamic Pro. Simply switch to Dynamic Pro has a limited impact on your trip. You must access menus TFT screen to access features, including the ability to disable the ABS Pro, off rear wheel ABS. Dynamic Pro also allows you to strengthen the influence of the driver aids, If you want additional monitoring in addition to the more aggressive throttle response.

6-If you know you will have a relaxing walk, the Road mode is there. The Road mode still has a good response from the accelerator and serve the less aggressive drivers on winding roads. Remember, It is the sportiest mode version of the standard XR, so BMW not neutralized. Electronic aids are programmed to be more intrusive, but work fairly transparent. Passengers enjoy the landscape will be completely satisfied with the way Road.

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BMW F 900 XR

7-The rain mode is a good surprise. Instead of being a murderer power, the rain mode significantly reduces throttle response. But nevertheless, once you start to get into the top half of the feed belt, the motor is activated. BMW engineers probably decided that if the engine is rotating, it is likely that the floor is not wet at the time, so make the accelerator more sensitive. This makes it a useful way in urban areas densely busy, If you know you will not need a sudden acceleration when accelerating. As expected, BMW puts all aid to the maximum, but still they are never annoying: The main thing you'll notice is the moderate response of the accelerator.

8- Compared with electronic assistants for the engine, el BMW F 900 XR 2020 standard has a basic suspension. The inverted fork 43 mm is not adjustable, while the damper rod has no spring preload and rebound damping adjustment, with travel at both ends of less than seven inches. For typical street driving, in the city, in canyons and on the road, BMW found settings balanced suspension.

9-The clutch and transmission work perfectly, although there is a strange omission. The six-speed transmission changes smoothly, although first gear was a little high. The rapid upshift / down it would be good, but it is optional. The clutch has a slider function, which it is a welcome feature security. curiously, BMW did not work on an assistance package in the clutch, a feature that is common in less expensive motorcycles, and always appreciate a pull of the clutch lighter. Although it lacking support function, the pull of the clutch of the XR is not excessive.

10-There is a two-position windscreen can be adjusted by hand on the fly. In the upper position, Hull felt well protected, while the lower position air nonturbulent pushed against the torso. If the windshield does not work for you, higher and shorter options are available.

11-Feel free to approach roads in different ways. El BMW F 900 XR 2020 It is not picky about your driving. Casual is great, and the suspension will not hit you while you drink in the atmosphere. Cornering stability is excellent, with proper credit for Michelin tires, and the leverage provided by the wide handlebars allows corrections in the corners at will. The grip on the edges of the tires is good high traction on roads, as the Road 5 GT is very skillful near the limit. Traction control and ABS cornering always been activated, but definitely I can not say if they ever rescued me, anyway, I like to be watching the proceedings.

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