Casco adecuado cual escoger?

Suitable helmet which to choose?

4 November, 2016 0 By Motorcycles Costa Rica

Suitable helmet which to choose?

The helmet is the most important element for the safety of the biker, thus, it is very important that, in addition to choosing a model that we like aesthetically, we also have to give great importance to choosing the right helmet.


We must know that not all helmets are the same, like not all heads are the same, so if a helmet model is good for you in a specific size, that does not necessarily mean that another model, even the same brand and size, fit you just as well.

At we are aware of this and that is why we ask you, not only look at the size of the helmet, but once you have the helmet at home, try it on and make sure it fits you correctly. In case of doubt, it is better to change it for another size or model, not to risk serious damage in an occasional fall.

Steps to choose a helmet to suit you:

  1. Take a metric strap and measure the contour of your head, turning the head with the tape at the height of your forehead (+/- 2cm above the eyebrows). 
  2. Following the following table, choose the helmet size you need. In case the length is between one size and the other, choose the next bigger size. For example, if the measure is 56,5 cm, grab a helmet size M.
    This table is indicative, manufacturers do not have standardized sizes, when you choose the helmet and select the size, check it with the measures we provide in the tab.

    Head measurement in cm.


  3. Once you receive the helmet at home, don't take the labels off yet, in case you had to change it. Póntelo, holding the buckle straps with each hand. The helmet has to look like it is not going to fit in or is very tight.
  4. When you already have it in your head, check that it is not too tight. If you notice that it causes pain somewhere in your head, due to excessive pressure, so it is small and you will surely need to change it for a larger size.
  5. If the helmet doesn't press too hard, check now that it doesn't go too big. For it, try sticking your finger across the forehead or back of the neck. If your fingers get easily between the helmet and the skin, surely the hull is too big.
  6. You should also check that moving the helmet with your hands, to both sides, at the same time that you try to keep your head facing forward, the helmet does not rotate, but you notice how it moves together with the whole head.
  7. Now you can check that the buckle strap holds the helmet on your head well. To do this you must fasten the buckle and adjust it to the measure of your neck, so that it does not choke you nor does it make you loose. There are usually different types of buckles, so you should look at the information attached by the manufacturer if you do not know how to adjust it.
  8. Once you have the buckle fastened, grab the helmet with both hands, at the bottom-back and pull it up, like you want to take it off. If the helmet can come off, you need to change size or model.
  9. All this information is merely informative and ultimately, it is the owner of the helmet who decides if that helmet is the right one for your head or not. is not responsible for any damage that the client may suffer, as a cause of poor fit or use of helmets purchased from this store.

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