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La Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, motorcycle ridden by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the hit film 1991 Terminator 2: Judgment Day , meets 30 years in 2020.

To pay tribute to the iconic bike designed by Willie G stylists. Davidson y Louie network, Harley has released a model of the thirtieth anniversary of Fat Boy Limited Edition.

Will occur only 2.500 Models, each serialized with a number plate on the console of the fuel tank.

La Fat Boy tomó el aspecto, the proportions and the silhouette of a motorcycle Hydra-Glide 1949 y la modernizó por completo para una nueva generación de motociclistas”, dice Brad Richards , Vice President of Design Harley-Davidson.

fat boy

"These pilots appreciated our DNA postwar design but also felt attracted by the simplicity clean contemporary industrial design. Each of these elements was captured in the new version 2018 del modelo Fat Boy. For this model the 30 Anniversary, We wanted to create something very special, so we rely on the popularity of the darkest finishes and limited career strategy / serialization to make the bike truly unique and exclusive ".

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Model of the 30 Fat Boy Anniversary

El Fat Boy del 30 Aniversario se pone una pinturaVivid Blackcombinada con ruedas Lakester de aluminio fundido negro satinado con reflejos mecanizados.

El Fat Boy, based on the new Softail platform it was launched in 2018, It arrives with a Milwaukee-Eight engine 114 It has darkened lower rocker covers and bronze shade cover script timer.

To complete the dark side of the engine, the escape is finished in a Black Onyx, paint finishing physical vapor deposition revealing the underlying chromium to bright light.

Other Highlights include black headlight nacelle, Handlebar and controls, and a water slide bronze tone logo tank Fat Boy.