Harley-Davidson Nightster 2022

Harley-Davidson Nightster 2022

22 April, 2022 0 By Moto CR Magazine

Harley-Davidson Nightster 2022

Forget everything you knew about the old Harley-Davidson Nightster. La Harley-Davidson Nightster 2022 it is completely different from the motorcycle that previously used the name. The new Nightster is another iconic motorcycle from Harley-Davidson, as it features the new Revolution Max 975T engine. There's a lot to talk about, so let's start.

1-El motor Revolution Max 975T de la Harley-Davidson Nightster 2022 looks like al Revolution Max 1250 which is used in the Sportster S, but it's different. With a displacement of 975 cc, the Revolution Max 975T uses the well-known liquid-cooled DOHC architecture of the 1250. However, the 975T has unique bore numbers (97 mm) and career (66 mm). Also, only intake cams have variable timing, compared to the four cams of the 1250. It is a simpler engine with a smaller displacement, although they share a common six-speed gearbox with identical ratios.


2-The Revolution Max 975T doesn't have to throttle as much as you'd expect to make power. The Motor Company claims a flat torque curve for the 975T, with a maximum production of 70 foot-pounds only 5000 rpm. When you reach the 7500 rpm, you are rewarded with 90 horsepower.

3-There are three power modes on the Harley-Davidson Nightster 2022 that work with a compact suite of electronic driver aids. All three modes modify power delivery, traction control, Revolution Max 975T engine compression braking and ABS. Sport mode gives you maximum power, the most responsive throttle, more engine braking and less intervention from ABS and traction control functions. Road mode reduces some of the midrange power, slows throttle response and increases ABS and traction control sensitivity. Put the Nightster in Rain mode and you'll get less power, slower throttle response, reduced engine braking and aggressive ABS and traction control. ABS works with Brembo calipers, front and rear.

Harley-Davidson 2022

4-At first sight, you might think the Nightster shares a chassis with the Sportster S, but it's not like that. there are similarities, as both motorcycles use the engine as a stressed member and trellis frame connecting the engine to the steering head. However, the Nightster's suspension has no damping adjustments and only rear spring preload customization. You get a conventional Showa Dual Bending Valve fork from 41 mm and two emulsion dampers, compared to the inverted fork of 43 mm fully adjustable and linkage-assisted shock from the Sportster S. unexpectedly, the Nightster has a longer travel suspension.

5-La Harley-Davidson Nightster 2022 it's the closest HD has come to a coffee run since XLCR, at least visually. Can't miss the headlight hood, side mirrors, low grips and mid-mount foot controls. Indian Scout Rogue 19 inches of the Nightster reminds the XLCR, although the XLCR had a rear of 18 inches instead of the low wheels of 16 inches from the nightster. Also, the Nightster has bias ply tires, instead of the radials on the Sportster S. Consider the Nightster is cafe style, at least until we assemble it.

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 Nightster 2022

6-Seat height on the Nightster is 27.8 unintimidating inches.

7-That's not a neo style peanut gas tank between your knees. Harley-Davidson engineers moved the fuel tank from 3,1 gallons under seat. Although it is made of plastic, fuel tank is designed to remind you of the oil tank on the air-cooled Sportster.


8-We know you think the round container on the right hand side between the cylinders contains the air filter.. What looks like the fuel tank is a steel airbox cover.

9-Round is a recurring theme: faro, turn signals, speedometer, mirrors and fake air filter support. There is an indisputably wide variety of retro-style signs. The rear of the Nightster is especially clean, with tail light function integrated into the turn signals and side mounted license plate holder. In a nod to the 21st century, the lighting is completely LED, with a Daymaker drive headlight.