HONDA CRF450R 2021

HONDA CRF450R 2021

21 July, 2020 0 By Moto Magazine CR

HONDA CRF450R 2021

The Honda CRF450R 2021 representa la próxima generación de motos de motocross y supercross insignia de Honda. After previously working on acceleration with his Absolute Holeshot initiative, Honda is now targeting Razor Sharp Cornering as a stated target. It's time to dig in the 2021 Honda CRF450R.

1-The improvements we will be numbering are not only for the CRF450R; also apply to the CRF450RWE premium motocrosser 2021 and the CRF450RX cross-country bike. However, do not apply to the legal CRF450X EPA SUV and the renowned CRF450RL dual sport model for 2021.

2-The new double mast aluminum frame is 1.54 pounds lighter, with various structural changes. The stringers are narrower, and the bottom tube and motor mounts have been redesigned. Also, the rib reinforcing the swingarm pivot plates is scarcer. The swingarm is also narrower. Also, triple clamps have more flexibility than last year, although the axle supports are more rigid. A new shock coupling ratio has been instituted to reduce rear squats when accelerating out of corners. Total, Honda engineers have reduced lateral stiffness by 20 percent chassis, with the aim of a “flexible feel that improves curves, while maintaining vertical stiffness”.


3-New double-mast aluminum frame has gently massaged dimensions from previous generation. The wheelbase is scarce one millimeter shorter, while the rake extends half a degree. Not intuitively, the road is 2 mm shorter, and that's due to the steeper swingarm angle of 0.9 degrees. Also, the distance from the front axle to the swingarm pivot has been extended 1.8 mm.

4-He 2021 Honda CRF450R sits taller than its predecessor. Seat height is 0.2 inch, and there is 0.3 inches more off the ground. The seat is also shorter and 0.4 pounds lighter, in addition to being easier to remove.

5-The subframe is simpler, weighing 0.7 pounds. Seat mounting configuration is also less complicated.


6-Although the same Showa suspension units are used, they also have improvements. The fork of 49 mm now has an additional path of 0.2 inch. Shock absorber shape is changed to accommodate new frame, with the adjusters now on the right side of the motorcycle and they moved to the tongue tank. A new steel spring in the shock absorber has gradually reduced weight.

7-Last year's Dunlop MX3S tires have been replaced by newer, more versatile MX33 rubber. DIDStar DID rims have not changed.


8-Although the Honda CRF450R 2021 does not have a new engine, the engine has many updates, from intake to exhaust.

9-The most obvious change is the return to a single silencer. The new system is tighter and saves 2.7 pounds. Exhaust gases have a smoother path to the outlet, which increases efficiency. Honda claims “improved reliability at low revs”.


10-At the beginning of the air flow system there is a new air box and air filter. The volume on the clean side of the air filter before it reaches the injector is more than double. Again, Honda says this increases horsepower at low revs. Air filter access is now on the left side, and only one bolt is required to remove the filter.


11-Just below there is a change in the angle of the fuel injector. Instead of being angled to 60 degrees, the injector is now more perpendicular to the air flow at 30 degrees. Honda claims this keeps the air cooler in the intake route, as well as improves the efficiency of the intake charge.

12-Honda has redesigned the decompression system counterweight on the 2021 CRF450R. Rather than being in front of the cam chain sprocket, now integrated into the pinion assembly. This is another design intended to increase power at low rpm and reduce stagnation., adjusting the timing of the decompression valve and its elevation.

13-Finally, the exhaust port has been moved to a central location. This is why the framework was modified, and it's part of the move towards the unique silencer design. Also, the exhaust port is now oval, instead of round. Unlike the other changes, this is intended to start a medium to high rpm power, starting to 5000 rpm.

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14-The clutch of the 2021 Honda CRF450R is repaired, with hydraulic charge and internal reinforcement. The new clutch has an increase in 27 percent in capacity, which feels more at high rpm. It got there by adding a clutch plate and a friction spring. In addition to being more robust, lever pull is lighter.

15-The fuel pump is smaller and lighter. Honda trimmed more than four ounces, and the pump now only needs four screws for removal, instead of six. Honda has also remodeled the titanium tank.

16-Thanks to more radiator grilles and a new angle, the radiator is five percent more efficient.

17-With a new frame comes a new body for the Honda CRF450R 2021. Plastic has been simplified and tucked. Honda standardized bolts, all are heads of 8 mm, and now there are only eight bolts holding the body, instead of a dozen. An advantage of the redesign of the cover is better air flow to the radiator.


18-Access to adjustable electronics is easier on the 2021 CRF450R. Honda Traction Control, power modes and kill button are combined into a three button array on the left handlebar.

19-Honda CRF450RWE 2021 get more updates this year. In addition to the suspension package, engine work, DIDStar LT-X DID rims, The RWE has a Hinson basket and clutch cover, plus a Twin Air air filter.

20-Off-road racers will like additional updates for the Honda CRF450RX 2021. There is a new fuel tank 2.1 gallons, the radiator covers are tucked into 0.7 inches compared to last year, and the handguards are standard.

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