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There are five motorcycles in the Honda trail bike line 2021. As much as we would like to tell you about all the new features in the off-road machine quintet, the CRF250F, CRF125F Big Wheel, CRF125F, CRF110F and CRF50F have not changed for 2021. However, That doesn't mean it's not worth reminding us what Honda has for motorcyclists who like to have family fun on the trails..

Honda CRF250F 2021

The flagship of the Honda CRF-F series, the CRF250F is a highly reliable and tolerant trail motorcycle. SOHC four-valve engine, with fuel injection, air-cooled, it is easy to handle and will not cause surprises. It moves impressively, so it does well on technical trails.

With 265 pounds, the CRF250F is not lightweight; jumps are not his forte. Instead, prefers to keep two wheels on the ground and let the suspension and engine take care of everything.

honda 250

Big Wheel Honda CRF125F y CRF125F 2021

Honda offers the 2021 CRF125F in two flavors. The standard CRF125F has a combination of 17/14 inches and approximately 5.5 inches of suspension travel. The big wheel CRF125F raises the ante with a pair of 19/16 inches and about three-fourths of an inch more suspension travel at both ends.

crf 125

The Honda CRF125F 2021 it's the next stop for a young man graduating from a class trail motorcycle 110, while the CRF125F Big Wheel fits smaller adults who are overwhelmed by the heavier CRF250F from 66 pounds.

crf big wheel

In both versions CRF125F, there's a long stroke motor with torque that offers plenty of traction. By injecting fuel and offering electric start, getting started in the morning is easy and you are reluctant to stop on the trails. The handling of CRF125F models less than 200 pounds is nimble, with stability provided by 27.3 degrees of tilt and a wheelbase of 48 inch.


Honda CRF110F 2021

Updated in 2019 with EFI, along with CRF250F and CRF125F, the characteristics 2021 Honda CRF110F are attractive to new drivers. Four-speed transmission is manual shift with an automatic centrifugal clutch. That means there is no delay and makes it easy to learn the concept and execute gear changes.

Seat height is less than 26 inch, and the CRF110F weighs 170 pounds, reducing the intimidation factor for a newcomer motorcycle rider. The ground clearance of 6,7 inches helps avoid conflict with the ground, but the lack of a skid plate will keep you away from rocky trails.

crf 110

Honda CRF50F 2021

Rooted in the revolutionary Mini Trail of the 1960, the Honda CRF50F 2021 lagged behind in the CRF-F range: lacks EFI and electric start. On the positive side, that keeps the price low and the weight on 110 pounds. Even so, we would prefer those two features for younger bikers.

In any case, seat height 21.6 inches is welcome for a new pilot, just like the three-speed transmission with automatic clutch. Although the suspension travel is limited, very few CRF50F brokers will notice, they'll just be smiling as they roam the camp without worrying about anything in the world.

crf 50