Honda Rebel 500 2020

Honda Rebel 500 2020

18 May, 2020 0 By Moto Magazine CR

Honda Rebel 500 2020

Debuted in 1985, The Honda Rebel has been incorporating novice racers into the sport for decades. The model underwent significant changes in 2017 and now, for 2020, Honda keeps updates to further appeal to its target audience. Extra assistance and slipper clutch, suspension refinements, modern LED lighting, new gauge design and thicker, denser seat are part of the package 2020.

A key update that will come in handy for a beginner is the new addition of assistance and slipper clutch. This is said to reduce lever effort by 30 percent and, in practice, the clutch pull was very light, eliminating any intimidation factors that may be caused by a harder lever actuation. The Rebel's 471cc engine remains unchanged for 2020, and we found that the stem is smooth and manageable, with low torque to get out of line and enough power to pull the highest gears to navigate and move at highway speeds. We ran the 500 in Cycle World's internal test bench and conclude that the parallel twin generates 40.8 hp a 7,900 there rpm 29.9 lb / ft de torque a 6,300 rear wheel rpm.


Honda says spring rates have been tightened to improve overall comfort and handling. As a result of increased stiffness, I discovered that the Rebel's front suspension 500 strong braking under was firm, keeping the chassis balanced and limiting frontal immersion when braking hard. Rebound damping was rapid initially but decreased upon return to static driving height. In general, the fork of 41 mm and twin shocks felt stable on bumps and uneven roads with 4.8 inch 3.8 inches of travel, respectively. But nevertheless, under bigger and harder hits, the rear bottomed out making the motorcycle feel unstable in the rear when I got up from the seat.

Nissin hydraulic disc brakes are employed by Honda at the front and rear. They don't have a hard initial bite (as you should expect from a motorcycle for beginners), but a strong and communicative feeling makes the bike come to a smooth stop as the effort of the lever increases. This is a positive for novice motorcyclists who need a more controlled and consistent stop in a quick, tight grip that may come from less experienced fingers.. As he 300 As the 500 They are also available in ABS options at an additional price of $ 300 al MSRP base, a solid choice for new and experienced drivers.


The Rebel 500 carry your weight low, which makes it easy not only to lift it from the support, but also take corners with confidence. Upon reaching the top of the curves, the bike stood up thanks to its low center of gravity and power pulled it out of the corners with a gentle sweep that inspired confidence. Without saddlebag accessory, the Rebel 500 tipped our scales to 418 pounds and weighed 422 pounds with saddlebag attached.

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New LED lighting is a notable change for the model year 2020. Four LED lamps are tucked into the circular housing, and the LED turn signals and the tail light (even the license plate light) they are clean and modern. The taillight section of previous models used to stick out awkwardly, but now it has been arranged very well.

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The largest semicircular LCD meter is also new. Show information like weather, speed, gear position and fuel level reading, but it lacks a tachometer, a strange omission. further, you can also scroll the odometer, two travel meters, average travel mpg and current mpg. A toggle switch on the manual controls would be useful instead of a button on the meter, but the Rebel is a more basic ride. Regardless of this, all information displayed is easy to read at a glance.

 The seat has seen some changes, including thickness and density. It is equipped with a seat from the Honda accessories line, the foam in the accessory is also updated to the new specification 2020. Either an hour or two hour stretch, chair pain was hardly disclosed with this update. Seat height is 27,6 inches (Honda claims 27,2 inches for the standard seat) and its thinness between the legs makes it very easy to stretch to the ground.

In general, the Honda Rebel 500 carries torch for beginner cruising category with smooth power and torque, comfortable ergos, useful updates, Praiseworthy care and affordable prices, these machines will continue to be enjoyable regardless of gender or skill level.

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