KAWASAKI KX450 Y KX250 2021

KAWASAKI KX450 Y KX250 2021

28 July, 2020 0 By Moto Magazine CR

KAWASAKI KX450 Y KX250 2021

For 2021, we see a consolidation of the chassis of the Kawasaki KX450 and KX250 motocross motorcycles. While the two engines are distinctive, the rest of the KX riders are more alike than different this year.

With that in mind, let's talk about what's new for the KX450 (and the KX250), as well as the differences between the KX450 and the KX250.

1-The KX line has a completely new clutch design. Kawasaki completely reconsiders its clutch by abandoning the traditional five-spring design and going with a tapered disc, it acts like a spring. Also, the clutch is now hydraulically actuated. Expect an increase in sensation and a decrease in effort, especially in the second half of the lever sweep. Also, KX450 clutch plates have a larger diameter with new friction material.


2-Renthal Fatbars llegan a los motocrossers Kawasaki KX. This is an update on the old continuous diameter aluminum bars of yesteryear, and the ergonomics of the KX has changed. The grip position is now lower and closer to the pilot. Of course, Kawasaki's Ergo-Fit function allows extensive customization. There are two mounting holes for the handlebar clamp, for an adjustability of 35 mm, and the clamps can be rotated 180 degrees for two more position possibilities. Kawasaki also provides two stirrup brackets, with a separation of 5 mm.

3-Inside the motor, piston skirt gets dry film lubricant. This allows the engine to accelerate faster, with less power loss due to reduced friction.


4-La Kawasaki KX250 2021 you get serious engine modifications, along with the change to the KX450 chassis. The upper end has new ports, new cam timing for exhaust (delayed three degrees), stiffer valve springs, plus a revised combustion chamber design with a flatter piston crown. At the lower end, we see a connecting rod 3 mm longer, lighter crankshaft, a better pressure balance in the boxes, plus the same brand new clutch used on the KX450. In addition to more power, he 2021 KX250 accelerates 300 rpm more than last year.


5-We are all happy to see that the 2021 KX250 have an electronic start. Yes, you can start the KX250 with the push of a button, thanks to a new starter (with automatic compression release) and a lithium ion battery. No kickstart backup.

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6-The KX250 still has its own KYB suspension setup. Instead of imitating the heavy and more powerful KX450, the KX250 has its own suspension units. To keep the cost of the KX250 low, the KX gets a standard KYB fork instead of the Showa A-Kit work style technology used by the KX450.

7-Kawasaki put on a rear brake disc 10 mm smaller on the KX250 than on the KX450. The disk of 240 mm cuts a bit of weight and helps prevent rear wheel lockup due to less engine compression braking.

8-To reduce interference with the driver's trunk, there are new engine covers. Kawasaki smoothed the covers and put a gold finish on the oil cap and plugs of the generator cover.

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