Algunas de las mejores motos para enduro.

Some of the best enduro bikes.

22 October, 2016 2 By Moto Magazine CR

Some of the best enduro bikes.

Choose the right bike for each one and their level of riding, is largely the key to enduro success. However, It is not as easy as it looks, parameters like physical build, being fit and the level of riding “real” will absolutely condition the effectiveness of the motorcycle-rider pairing.

Some of the best enduro bikes.

It is clear that an experienced rider with good technical qualities can go well with any motorcycle, however even among them there are as many preferences as motorcycles on the market.

MotoCalcas The Magazine brings you a list with some of the best enduro bikes.


XR 250R:

The XR250 R was the undisputed Queen of those who ventured into the Off Road world with a low displacement motorcycle,light and robust.Displacement: 249 c.c. ; Change: 6 ; Transmission: ChainNo.. Cylinders: 1 ; Weight: 111 Kgs Ciclo/H: 4T ; Deposit: 9 liters, Refrigeration: Air-Oil, start: Lever.

Some of the best enduro bikes.

XR 400R:

The so-called “tractor”. Of the noblest motorcycles as much of the Honda range. It is light and manageable. Motor:: 397 c.c. Power:  35 c.v. (25.4 kW) Change:  5 Cycle / H:  4T carburetor:  Keihin de 36 mm Refrigeration: Air / Oil Transmission:  Start Chain:  Chassis Lever: Front brake:  D / 240 mm Rear Brake:  D / 220 mm Axis Distance: 1,424 mm Seat Height: 930 mm Front Suspension Travel:  HT 43/280 mm Deposit:  9,5 liters Reserve:  1,51 liters Weight:  121 Kg.


XR 600 Y 650R:

Type of motor: 591 cc, Air Cooled, single cylinder, 4 Cylinder / Clearance Times:    97 mm x 80 mm Válvulas:    4 Valves per cylinder Power:    46 hp (34.3 kW) @ 6000 rpm Torque:    51.9 Nm (382.8 ft. lbs) @ 5500 rpm Change:  5 Transmission: Front Brake Chain:   D / 240 mm Front Suspension Travel: HT -/280 mm Rear Suspension Travel:     SPL 280 mm Peso: 128 Kgs Deposit:  10 liters Start: Lever.



CRF 250 R 2012:

Motor Type : single cylinder 4 time, 4 valves, SOHC and Liquid Cooled Displacement : 249,4 cm3. Fuel capacity: 5,7 liters. Ignition system : Fully transistorized, with digital ignition Start :  Pedal to transmission primary.


CRF 450 R:

Type of motor: Single cylinder Power: 55.6 CV (41,5 KW) / 8.500 r.p.m Type: 4 Times Fuel System: Carburetor. 40Keihin mm Flat Slide Starter:Kick cooling system: Liquid Gearbox: 5-speeds final drive: Chain.


CRF 450 X 2013:

Model: 2013 Honda CRF, Motor: Single Cylinder Four Stoke ; start: Electric ; Six speed. Used for Cross Country Rally.



KLX 450:

Engine type Liquid cooling, unique of 4 time. Displacement. 449 cm³. Valve system. DOHC, 4 valves. Ignition AC-CDI digital, split and electric. 5 speeds. Deposit capacity 8 liters.


KLX 250 S 2012:

Motor: single cylinder de 4 time, 4 DOHC valvulas, liquid refrigeration, displacement 249 cc, boot is digital.


Kx 250:

Water cooled motor, 2 time. Displacement 249 cm³. Digital ignition kicked. Transmission with 5 speeds. Deposit of 8,2 liters.


KX 450 F 2014:

Models 2013 – 2014. Liquid Cooled Engine 449 cc. Electrical start. Five speeds.



TT-R 230:

Motor: 1 cylinder, 4 time, SOHC, 2 valves, Air-cooled Displacement: 223 cc. Diameter x stroke: 70 x 58 mm compression ratio: 9,5 Maximum power: 13,3 kW (18 HP) a 7.500 RPM Maximum torque: 17,2 Nm (1,75 kgm) a 6.500 RPM Lubrication: Wet sump, 1,3 liter. Fuel tank capacity: 8 liters Feeding: Carburador Teikei de 26 mm. Clutch: Multi-disc in oil bath On: CDI Startup: Electric Transmission: Box of 6 gears Secondary transmission: By chain.


YZ 450 F:

Motor 4 leggings. 5 valves, liquid refrigeration. displacement 449 cc. lever start. fuel tank for 7 liters.


WR 450 F:

Motor: 1 cylinder, 4 time, DOHC, 5 valves,  water-cooled.: 449 cc
Lubrication: Dry sump inside the engine, 1,2 liter Food: Keihin FCR-MX39 / 1 carburetor recalibrated from 39 mm with throttle position sensor Clutch: Multi-disc in oil bath On: Digital CDI ( new programming )  start: Electric. Change: 5 Transmission: Seat Height Chain:  996 mm Front Suspension Travel: HT 46/300 mm Rear Suspension Travel:     A315 mm Peso:    112 Kgs Deposit:    8 (2.1 backup) liters.

WR 250 F:

Single-cylinder four-stroke engine with liquid cooling. Electric start and kick. Five-speed transmission.



450 EXC:

Type of motor: Single cylinder 4 Displacement times: 449.3 cc. Diameter x stroke: 95 x 63.4 mm. start: Electric / Gear shift lever: 6 Feeding speeds: Carburador Keihin MX FCR 39 Distribution: 4 V / OHC with rocker arms Lubrication: Pressurized grease in closed circuit with three Eaton pumps Gear lubrication (2T): Motorex Power Synt 4T 10W50 Primary Relationship: 33:76 Secondary relationship: 15:45 (14:52) Refrigeration: Clutch Liquid: Hydraulic Drive Multi-Disc Clutch Ignition: kokusan digital.


525 EXC:

Displacement 510 cc. 1 cylinder. 4 time. water cooling. Lever start. 6 speeds. weight 117 kg. Deposit 8,5 liters.


450 SX F:

Single cylinder engine 4 time. displacement 449 cc. Electrical start 4 speeds. liquid refrigeration. Deposit capacity 8 liters, weight 104, 6 kg.




690 Enduro R 2013:

Motor 4 time, 654 cc. Electric start, changes of 6 speeds.



DR 350 R:

Displacement 349 cc. Single cylinder engine 4 time. Kick start. 6 speeds. weight 115 kg. Fuel tank 9 liters.


RM-Z 450:

Motor 4 time 449 cc. Electric pedal ignition. 5 speeds. fuel tank 7,5 liters.


RM-Z 250:

Single cylinder engine de 4 time. 4 valves. Liquid refrigeration. Pedal start. 5 speeds. Weight 104,5 kg. Tank capacity 6,5 liters.