Protección según el casco.

Protection according to the helmet.

3 February, 2018 0 By Motorcycles Costa Rica

Protection according to the helmet.

Protection according to the helmet. It is good to know the different types of helmet since this can save your life. According to statistics in the 20% of serious motorcycle accidents, the helmet is fired because the size or the fastening are not adequate. Also, It can be an aesthetic reason that goes with your personality and your vehicle.

Protection according to the helmet.

Your choice is very important because not everyone protects the same.

It is essential to know how to choose a helmet, not only define what type of helmet you are interested in, but how to know how to choose the helmet that suits you best, which one best suits you and the one that offers you the most security. The important thing is that it is safe, that adapts to our head and that is well supported because otherwise, even the best of helmets will not protect us.

When choosing a helmet you must consider several factors:

  • Level of security and protection it provides.
  • Type of motorcycle that we are going to drive,
  • Roads and speeds at which we will circulate.
  • Our physical qualities.
Let's know the types of motorcycle helmets that exist and their level of protection.


It is ideal for its comfort for long trips because you can discover your face without taking off your helmet, very useful for breaks.

Protection level: Baja.


Its level of protection is very low, They are mostly used for aesthetic reasons or, simply, to avoid fines. They do not protect the face or the neck, are highly recommended.

Protection level: Baja.


Combine a trial helmet with an integral one. Used by those city bikers who want to give their appearance a sporty touch.

Protection level: Media.


Full face helmets are the most common of all and those with the highest level of protection. They are composed of a single piece so that in the event of an impact nothing could be disassembled. They adapt to the head very well, protect the entire face and chin. They are the most recommended helmets for all types of road motorcycle, from scooters to large tourist bikes.

Protection level: Very high.


Commonly used for scooters and protect a little more than the previous ones, although the face is still exposed.

Protection level: Baja.


It is one that allows with a simple mechanism to convert it into a jet type helmet. Lets customize it based on your comfort.

Protection level: Media.


Uncommon at the moment and only few brands have them in catalog, varying your level of protection depending on the type of helmet you want. They are called multi-modular, because they are several helmets in one thanks to the possible combinations of their parts. So, mounting and dismounting, full face helmets, enduro, urban, with or without screen, with or without visor and with or without chin guard.

Protection level: Media.


Trail helmets are helmets halfway between off-road helmets and full face helmets. One-piece helmets, with a chin guard that leaves your face very clear, like off-roading, with sun visor, like off-roading, but with a screen like the integrals. They are lighter than full face helmets but also noisier.

Protection level: Media.


They are designed to compete on hard terrain and are used by professionals and fans of enduro and its variants., tanto in-door como out-door.

Protection level: Media.


Specially designed for use on enduro bikes or motocross bikes. They are very light, with a prominent airy chinrest, sun visor but without screen since they are designed to be used with enduro or motocross goggles.

Protection level: Media.

Remember that trauma to the head are the main cause of death and the most frequent injury in these mishaps; at 50% of the cases, the head suffers some type of trauma. If it is protected with a suitable helmet, you can reduce these injuries a 69% and mortality a 42%.