X-knights costa rica 2018

X-knights costa rica 2018

5 February, 2018 0 By Motorcycles Costa Rica

    X-knights costa rica 2018

X-knights costa rica 2018, this long-awaited night for lovers of motors and its best exponents will begin with a play of light that will spread throughout the redoubt of La Sabana.

They return to this majestic stage this time with a format that will allow the presence of ramps in the 4 sides, making the public not miss a single detail of the action from wherever it is located.


The X-Knights started in 2007 and since then it has acquired great international prestige, both for the quality of the event and for the level of the competitors.

Those in charge of delighting the Costa Rican public with their great stunts in the show will be: 

  • Tom Pages y Jeremy Rouanet (France)
  • Taka Higashino (Japan),
  • Clinton Moore, Josh Sheehan y Jackson Strong (Australia)
  • Maikel Melero (Spain) y Nate Adams (U.S).
  • The presence of the Spanish Dany Torres has been ruled out, it presents an injury and must be operated.

Hefreestyleit's not for everyone, having a bad day is not allowed, not even a blink, it could end a whole career.

The Knights of the X-Knights are a true family and there is only rivalry with the time of competition, that ends in a breath.

Also, in freestyle BMX competition, the maximum exponent of our country KennethPollis Tencio, will defend the scepter he won in the previous two years, as it has been done in the last two years.

The price of tickets for said event:

¢ 10,000 sun south and north, ¢ 16,000 east and west stands, ¢ 18,000 grams, ¢ 23,000 square, ¢ 25,000 vip gramilla, ¢ 33,000 vip balcony and ¢ 35,000 armchair.

Being one of the three most important events in the world in its category, the expectation between pilots and fans, from already, is burning!!!

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