YAMAHA XT250 2021

YAMAHA XT250 2021

27 July, 2020 0 By Moto Magazine CR

YAMAHA XT250 2021

Last year was the 40 anniversary of the first Yamaha XT250, and the 2021 Yamaha XT250 returns unchanged. An economic motorcycle, which has been stable for several years, the XT250 is all about simplicity, reliability and friendly performance.


With the WR250R caring for the large crowd of two sports, the Yamaha XT250 2021 positions itself as an accessible motorcycle on and off the road. Has a seat height of less than 32 inch, which makes it less intimidating for a new pilot. Other attractive features for motorcyclists entering the sport are the electric starter., fuel injection and disc brakes (although without ABS).


As is, the XT250 excels as a runaway and urban commuter. If you are comfortable with the seat height, the XT250 gives you a great view of city traffic. Suspension travel, almost nine inches in the front and over seven inches in the rear, will protect you from decaying urban streets. The wheel combo of 21/18 inches also reduces work on rough roads. Bridgestone Trail Wing tires work well on the street, although motorcyclists traveling to the city can get something more pavement oriented.

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If you like to walk on land, the Yamaha XT250 2021 will satisfy your wishes. Not particularly fast, which is good because the chassis is not designed to handle high speeds. Instead, the XT250 is a classic boondocking motorcycle that will take you to faraway places at a pace that allows you to enjoy the view. If you drive far off the road, more dirt-oriented tires will greatly improve off-road handling.

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