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Yamaha draws 12 YZ models for racing 2021, ranging from YZ65 neophyte ready to the new YZ450F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition supercross. Let's go over the line 2021 de Yamaha YZ, a dozen to compete.



Yamaha YZ450F 2021

The top end of the engine for the flagship motocrosser has a new high compression stock with steeper valve angles, more aggressive cam profiles, a forged piston and a magnesium valve cover. Power that is a higher flow air filter with improved air intake efficiencies, with the spent charge coming out through a larger exhaust pipe connector. The lower end gets a longer connecting rod.

Yamaha has adjusted the stiffness distribution of the frame with changes in its side beams and the thickness of the tubes of the engine base. Engine mounts, triple top clamp and front axle have also caught the eye of Yamaha chassis engineers. To match those changes, suspension damping changed, and Yamaha claimed “improve cornering performance, traction and shock absorption”.

With a faster engine, Yamaha also gives the YZ450F a new braking system, with a focus on enhanced feel.


Yamaha YZ450F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition 2021

Unlike Honda factory editions, Husqvarna y KTM, which include functional updates, the YZ450F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition is purely a graphics package.

450f monster

Yamaha YZ250F 2021

The power of the Yamaha YZ250F 2021 receives the most attention this year. The upper end of the YZ250F has a new cylinder head, and the cams have new profiles. Airbox and intake route are new, just like the silencer. Optimizing those changes is a new ECU, with the goal set by Yamaha of “higher mid-range to high power and higher maximum power, while retaining its class-leading low-end pair”. The clutch and transmission also receive updates, together with the impeller of the water pump.

Also, the YZ250F gets the same chassis and suspension modifications as the YZ450F.


Yamaha YZ250F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition 2021

If you prefer the look of the factory YZ, will want to spend $ 200 more to get the high-end color and graphic treatment for your YZ250F.


Yamaha YZ250 2021

It's a year of waiting for the two-stroke YZ250, with no changes other than the latest version of Team Yamaha Blue.


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Yamaha YZ125 2021

Like the YZ250, the YZ125 has not changed this year, except for the tone of Team Yamaha Blue.


Yamaha YZ85 2021

The new Team Yamaha Blue is the only update for the YZ85 for 2021.


Yamaha YZ65 2021

If you like the new Team Yamaha Blue, you will be completely satisfied with the updates the smallest YZ receives in 2021.




Yamaha YZ450FX 2021

The latest YZ450FX gets the same high-end engine modes as the YZ450F, along with the longest connecting rod. Yamaha has also improved the crankcase breathing system to reduce pumping losses. The YZ450FX transmission has been updated for a smoother shifting.

The same chassis mods that benefit the YZ450F are also carried over to the YZ450FX, including the new braking system with a new front brake caliper.


Yamaha YZ250FX 2021

Unlike the YZ450FX, YZ250FX does not receive updates from its motocross brother. Instead, the YZ250FX has not changed this year.


Yamaha YZ250X 2021

No change to the YZ250X two-stroke cross country race, apart from the new Team Yamaha Blue tone. We will continue to be patient for electric starting and a six-speed transmission.


Yamaha YZ125X 2021

Yamaha's least displacement cross-country racing motorcycle returns unchanged, apart from the new plastic Team Yamaha Blue color.